Does anyone know the best way to approach a brand or someone within the creative industry about work?

  • Photographer
  • Brand Manager
  • Director of Photography


  • We had a photographer loan one of major brands products and they shot incredible shots the way they wanted and email them over. This photographer is now on 80% of the shoots for that client.
  • Research them and find out why you'll be interesting. Everyone has a digital footprint, so search out the person you're looking to connect with across multiple platforms until you've built up a picture of what kind of work they're creating and why you are going to be the one person who'll take them to the next level. You may find you have mutual friends or contacts who can intro you in or you may find you have exactly the solution they've been asking for - or you may find that they're who you don't want to be working for.
  • We have all the tools, resources and channels we need to make something. Now. We don't need to ask for permission, respond to a brief, or wait for a job. We can just get on with what we want to do, what we want to create and what we want to show for ourselves. So make something. Make the thing you've always thought about making. Write the article you've always thought about writing. And share it with the world. Or look into the campaigns you love, develop them further - and share your work with the person, team or agency who worked on the original. Show them what you've got and what you can do.

    The Dots is a good place to create a free profile - industry folk look for creatives there. But why wait? Research the brands, agencies and people you want to work for - and tell them. Through the power of The Dots, Google, Twitter, Facebook (are you really still using it?) and agency websites, contact details are easy to find. Get in touch with whoever inspires you and tell them about yourself. Be interesting and interested. You never know, you might contact someone just as they're looking for someone like you.
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  • Hi Lauren, your work is great - just reach out to people. Sometimes it takes a hundred emails to get a response but there are enough nice people out there who won't mind being contacted by a good photographer. Good luck!
  • Hey Lauren, Olivia Bossert who is a fashion photographer has a whole load of useful resources on this - The newsletter about pitching is the one I found extremely useful, and if you can afford to spend extra she's got a whole online course about it. There's also a FB group (should come up if you just search her name) and there's always discussions about pitching, the best way to do so etc and she'll help out if you're really struggling. Highly recommend! :)
  • If you haven't already, apply for The Dots' upcoming Portfolio Masterclass in Photography, Styling and Art Direction. A great way to meet industry mentors face-to-face for connections and folio/career feedback. Applications close Sunday!

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