Hello fellow Dotters, Does anyone have any good recommendations for a website builders for my online portfolio?

I'm a bit behind the times, and thought that it's best now to have an online portfolio.

I've got zero experience with web design, so if any of you kind dotters could recommend a good website builder with simple, yet modern/ cool templates to choose from.

Thank you to all, and to all have a great day!! :-)


  • Check out flothemes.com

    I've build my website on it, and their templates are super easy to use! Drag / drop custimization, and you own your site (1 time fee / not a subscription model), and I think they also have some compatible with Square space.

    They also usually have sales off of themes, and a Facebook page with full community support.
  • Hey Ahmed,

    Lots of good recommendations below - worth mentioning that Squarespace is one of The Dots recommended website builders. They have lots of slick looking templates for you to pick from too :-)

    If you fancy giving it a go, you can sign up for a free trial or even get a 10% off discount with code: DOTS10 - https://squarespace.sjv.io/9Mo40

    Would love to know what you went with in the end!
  • Go for Squarespace, it offers responsive websites that easily adapt to any device.
    I have Wix and in all honesty it drives you nuts before getting it to work properly.
    In terms of time management, you wouldn't want to waste so much time on building your own website, unless you want it to behave it in very specific ways.
    Nowadays the simpler the design, the more modern it will look!

  • Squarespace is really great! They're super helpful too when you need a helping hand :)
  • A free behance portfolio page is so beneficial. Then after that either try Adobe Portfolio or Squarespace, both are around the same price and offer great flexibility. Personally, I found Squarespace easier to use and edit.
  • I've been using wix for years and really like it, being able to insert html code snippets mean you can add all kinds of cool things and there are loads of great apps allowing you to sell your work, share from dropbox etc
  • Hello Ahmed, if you already have an adobe subcription and have a BE account 100% use Adobe portfolio builder. if not Squarespace is really good if you want somethink simple to build but look amazing and you can do so much more with it. But if is just a classic protfolio I have been using my The Dots profile to get all my jobs that's easy and free.
  • I'm using Cargo as a cheaper alternative to Squarespace and it seems pretty good considering it's quite a bit cheaper. A lot of opportunity to adjust designs (with code if you want) but also ready to use templates. It's nice and simple but a results in a professional outcome!

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