Hi :) I'm looking for a paid social media intern (£10ph) to help me with my monthly newsletter Restless, https://bit.ly/2MJbiv9

Role will be about 3+/- hours per week and include:
- creating social media posts
- cropping and resizing images
- possibly help re: developing digital marketing strategy

The project has attracted a number of artists and solutionists, including artist Asher Jay, activist Gina Martin and sex tech founder Cindy Gallop.

Get in touch for more details!


  • I'm hoping to get back to everyone this week! This post was more popular than I expected so I'm still sifting through responses and thinking how best we can make this work. THANK YOU!
  • Hi Olivia,

    I am interested and open to hearing more about the position should it still be open- as Digital Marketer, Graphic designer (on Canva) and web designer.


    Looking forward to hearing from you,
  • Morning Olivia,
    This role sounds like something I'd be able to help with.
    I'm a writer and multimedia creative with a number of projects on the go, from working with AnySegment magazie as a design consultant, to hosting screenings for the documentary film I wrote and directed (museandwander.co.uk/film), to writing and curating visuals for my cultural heritage and travel blog Muse + Wander (museandwander.co.uk). Please send me a message if you like the look of my work and are interested in having me on your team.
  • Hi Olivia,

    Would love to dicuss this position further with you. I recently finished an internship as a Digital Creative with a production company, where I was responsible for designing and creating online content, interviewing industry professionals and managing the social media schedule. This position has taught me how to design content to suit the demographics of the social media platforms, schedule posts for the most effective times in the day, and examine insights. I completed the internship entirely from home, so am confident with creating social media schedules and managing my time independently.

    This is why I know I would be suitable for this role, as all this knowledge and experience is fresh in mind.

    My email: elliewoodward2014@outlook.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hi Olivia,

    I'd be happy to hear more about this opportunity and help with your newsletter and overall strategy.
    I'm an artist, pr, and event producer, with a strong experience in online space (outreach and growth strategies, online events, content), and would be happy to create cool stuff together :)
    Feel free to write - spykee.vind@gmail.com

    Looking forward,

  • Hi Olivia,
    This sounds like a great opportunity! I'd love to find out more. I'm a freelance writer and editor with a paticular interest in topics similar to those featured in your newsletter. I co-run my own online platform covering pop culture and the arts and have experience in social media mangagement and digital marketing. I'm happy to chat more and send you over my CV and portfolio. You can email me at rochellechinn@gmail.com or message me on here.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
  • Hey Olivia, would love to know more about the internship! My email is cerys.rihannon@gmail.com
  • Hello Olivia,

    Thank you for sharing -
    I’d love to hear more about this opportunity & how to apply!

    My email is - nylobeeharrymian@gmail.com

    Nylo :)
  • Dear Olivia,

    Hope you are well.

    I'm an English with Creative Writing graduate from Goldsmiths University, with two years editorial, and social media experience. I also have plenty of experinece in creating engaging newsletters.

    If you would like to see my full CV and portfolio please email me at emmavichart@gmail.com.


  • Good erarly evening,

    Its cold so let me warm you with my proposal, i have a diploma in journalism and a keen eye for photography. I am good to go, have everything in house to edit crop and distribute.

  • Hi Olivia, hope you're well. I've just read all your newsletters and really enjoyed them, in particular I can certainly relate to the theme of restlessness and love how you pose it as a fearless quality in your chat with Remi Bumstead!
    I'm a 2020 english graduate wanting to break in to the professional writing and arts world. I have experience blogging about similar themes to those discussed in your newsletters as well as writing case studies and video scripts and am well versed in social media. I would love to chat more about your intern opening and get a CV sent over to you. I have connected with you and hope to hear back from you, or alternatively my email is aimeejackson161@gmail.com
  • Hi Olivia how are you? I'm a social media manager and brand strategist I've worked mostily with book publishers and writers.
    I created newsletters and editorial plans.
    During these years I have been working as a copywriter and social media manager for a communication agency called "dieci04", improving my copywriting skills. My duties were producing monthly editoral plans for Italian book publishers: Einaudi, Utet, Treccani, Iperborea, writing newsletters and managing social media profiles of this italian book publishers, I was able to provide monthly reports about engagements, facebook insights and Instagram analytics. I was an intern for Einaudi at the end as Junior editor, assisting the executives and having contacts with writers and their agents.
    In my free time I work as freelance translator, mostly from English to Italian.
    I attended Law School and I have a master in marketing and brand storytelling, I attended "Scuola Holden", a storytelling and performing art school founded by the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco in Turin.
    If you want to get in touch you can email me: marialuigiadonati5@gmail.com
  • Hi Olivia!

    My name's Joe and I am a freelance writer, social media assistant and brand strategist, studying Fashion Business Studies.

    I have expansive experience working as both an employee and a freelancer in social media strategy and content creation, formerly managing a number of brands social media as well as growing my own tiktok account to nearly 30k followers.

    I have been in search of a part-time opportunity and I feel as though I am an exempliry candidate for this particular role.

    My email is joe.gardnerr@yahoo.com, i would love to discuss this further with you as well as sending over my full CV.

  • Hello Olivia! I hope that you are having a great day?

    My name is Bex, I am a start-out freelance writer, blogger and student studying Creative Writing and English Literature.

    I have been searching for an internship and this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. The key features of the job role are something I am both of knowledge and of the desire to gain knowledge in. Your newsletter is also something that I am very much interested in.

    I would love to be able to speak to you more about this, should you want to get in touch for a CV, relevant experience or just a chat, please do message me on here, or at bexmtx@gmail.com.

    Have a fabulous week,
    Bex Thackery
  • Hi there Olivia,
    I'm very interested in this job opportunity and would love to hear more about what you do and what you'd need. I'm London based and run my own small art business which includes a lot of social media and digital marketing.
    I'd love to hear from you.
  • Hi Olivia, this sounds like a great opportunity! I had a look at the newsletter and I love the topics covered. I manage social media for a couple of companies and I would love to help out. I have sent you a connection request for more info if you don't mind ! Look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • Hi there Olivia,

    I’d love to hear more about this opportunity and how to apply.

    If it helps here is my email alessiamarone@outlook.com

    Feel free to contact me anytime!

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

    Best wishes,
    Alessia Marone

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