I'm putting together a team...

Hey peeps, I'm looking to start working with creators in different fields, from graphic designers, lifestyle photographers, DOP's etc to work across different projects with me. Get in touch if that's you!

Nas Abraham Multi-Media Visual Artist
  • Photography Assistant
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Graphic Designer


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  • Martina Lubian Fashion Blogger, Stylist and Photographer

    Hello Nas, I do photography (lifestyle and fashion) and also Styling and Art Direction. Currently working as content creator for social media (video, photography and graphics)- https://www.instagram.com/martina_lubian/ Please see my portfolio below: https://the-dots.com/users/martina-lubian-571457

  • Ricardo Ferreira Graphic fashion designer

    Hello Nas, I´m a graphic designer, with experience working in fashion for brands across the world, and Branding, sending my portfolio. https://spark.adobe.com/page/HmRPG0fXbIgme/ Thanks

  • Temitayo Shonibare Junior Interior Designer

    Hello Nas, I am formally trained as an Interior Designer but also identify as a photographer and do a bit of film also. I would love to hear more about this, you can view my work in the following links: https://temitayoshonibare.wixsite.com/website https://www.instagram.com/temitayoshonibare/ Best, Temitayo Shonibare

  • Christy Wong Design graduate

    Hi Nas, I am a graphic designer specialising with in branding/packaging design. Feel free to have a look at my work on my Behance: www.behance.net/christywpl  I’m really interested in collaborate with you! Thanks and I hope to hearing from you soon! Best, Christy

  • Camille Zuckmeyer Architect

    Hello Nas, I'm really interested in what you are up to. I'm an architect and these past months I've mainly work on graphic designs and paintings. These are the platforms I post on if you're interested: intagram: @cammzo site: www.cammzo.com Best of luck on your future projects, Hope I'll hear from you. Camille

  • Leila Cicic Designer

    Hi Nas, Am very interested in the collaboration! If the opportunity still stands I would love to contribute as a graphic designer. Here is my website/ portfolio www.leilacicic.com Look forward to hearing from you! Best, Leila

  • Conor Mayling Graphic Designer

    Hello Nas, I'm intrigued with your collaboration proposal. I'm a Multidisciplinary Graphic designer in branding & identity, editorial, web design, motion graphics and 3D design.  You can view my website portfolio here: www.conormayling.com  I'm just a keyboard shortcut away,  Conor

  • Hajra Mubashar Graphic Designer

    If you're still looking, I would definitely be interested! At the moment I'm doing a bit of everything, from package design, web design, app design, to print, editorial and branding, but my first love is editorial design! my website is https://www.hajram.co.uk my email is hajram.design@gmail.com

  • Francesca Mangiaracina Graphic and Book designer

    Hi Nas, I am a graphic designer with expertise in Book design. I will be interested in cooperating. Here is my website francescamangiaracina.com Look forward to hearing from you! Bets, Francesca

  • jL
    julia LW designer/illustrator/editor

    Hi, I design & illustrate (mostly for publishing); if you are still looking, check out my website her: https://artscribe.wixsite.com/portfolio and am also into film/photography

  • Fadwa Ammari Photographer

    Hey, i’m a photographer. Check out my work on instagram @fadwa.ammari.ph and website www.fadwaammari.com

  • Shayom Satuluri Graphic Designer

    I'm a graphic designer with knowledge of video editing and motion graphics. Check some of my work at www.shayomsatuluri.com/ I would love to collaborate! Looking forward to hearing back.

  • Gajan Panchalingam 3D & Graphic Designer

    Hey Nas, I remember you from a project I was looking at during University... was it Dalziel and Pow by any chance?  Anyway, will pass on details and website to you now. Looking forward to hearing from you Here is my website www.gajanlingam.com  Gajan

  • Sophie O'Connor (Hazelhurst) Lead Creative Designer

    Hi Nas I’m a senior designer based in South Manchester - work with a variation of clients both remotely and in house. Be happy to discuss more if you’re still looking to build a team :)

  • Kateryna Zabusova Graphic Designer

    Hello Nas, I'm interested in collaboration. You can have a look at my full portfolio at www.cargocollective.com/katherinezabusova Best, Kateryna

  • Vasco Vicente Creative Director / Art Director

    Hey Nas, I'm a Creative Director / visual artist. I'm really interested in new oppurtunites that you mind have in mind for future projects. Drop me a DM so we can talk about potential collabs. www.vascovicente.com

  • Nicolas Bowley graphic designer, illustrator

    Hey Nas, I am a graphic designer/illustrator. Very much interested in what you had in mind, would be cool to be apart of it and meet up. Drop me a DM if you if you keen to work together. www.meetheyecreate.com

  • Nas Abraham Multi-Media Visual Artist

    Thanks to everybody who got in touch and offered their skills, currently looking through everyone's work so it might take a bit of time to reply to everyone. If you still haven't sent your work, please send an email to: nas@senseofsync.com with the title of your area of expertise such as "Retoucher, Photographer and graphic designer" or even "mixed media". Thanks!