Looking for a logo designer! Open to ideas and having a play around creatively :)

For film production company logo (but may also encompass other creative areas in future)


  • Hi Jen, it would be great to help with your project. Many years experience in branding. Some work here: https://jordan-cross.co.uk Would be good to connect. Thanks
  • Kinda Late, Here;
    Email; Bsudikila@gmail.com
    Portfolio; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iQbedk5xqLLGjT6K2vNB-UwabnJAIVVx/view

  • Hi Jen,

    Sounds like fun!

    Please take a look at my portfolio here:

    Looking forward to hearing back from you! :)
  • Hi Jen,
    This sounds like a exciting opportunity! I would love to hear more!
    Examples of my work can be seen on my wesbite - https://www.keytringyumova.com/
    You can email me at: keytrin.gyumova@gmail.com
  • Hey Jen,

    Happy to help. Do check out my stats on:
    Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsaysilveira/
    Design Portfolio: https://www.coroflot.com/lsd
    Mail me on hello@linsanitydesign.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • Hi Jen,

    This sounds like a very exciting project! I would love to hear more!

    Examples of my work can be seen on my wesbite - https://www.pippahobbs.co.uk or I can send a copy of my portfolio showing more recent projects.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you!
  • Hi Jen!
    I'd love to hear about your project. sounds like such an exciting project.
    many thanks

  • Hey Jennnnnnn, Joy is here!

    Need a logo that’s not just good, but 'OMG amazing'?

    Hold tight and look here: bento.me/hellojoy 😉
  • Hi Jen!
    Such an exciting project. I would love to be considered - I have had previous experience with branding, both in my education and in my freelancing. Here's a few links that show my work :)

  • Hey Jen

    The project sounds great! It would be fantastic to learn more about it and discuss what i could bring to the design process. I have a wide range of expereince in designing logos and branding projects, you can check out some of our work here: https://endlessstudio.co.uk/

    Many thanks, Aaron
  • Hi Jen!
    I'm a brand designer open for new project!
    Don't hesitate to contact me :)
  • Hi Jen,

    This is a project I could absolutely help with!

    You can check out some of my work at oliviamills.com and also on my instagram, which is linked to on my site. If you think I'd be a good fit, feel free to get in touch hello@oliviamills.com

  • Hi Jen,

    This sounds like an interesting project - would love to learn more!

    We're a small brand & design studio with lots of experience creating brands & logos for others in the creative industries; including video, gaming & hospitality marketing.

    You can check out some of our work here - https://www.thecustomstudio.co.uk/work - and it would be great to chat to you about the project in more detail.


  • Hey Jen, sounds like a cool project.
    I specialise in Visual Identity and Graphic Design, dont hesitate to take a look at my web and profil https://www.lezedh.com/
    cheers !
  • Hello Jen!

    I'd love to hear about your project. Here is my portfolio gasaxhesika.com

    Reach me out if you're interested. :)

  • Hi Jen!
    Would be happy to help. At Duh.Consulting we have talented graphic designers that we work with on branding projects. You can check us out here: https://duh.agency/
    I can also share our most recent cases that haven't been published yet. Let me know!
  • Hey Jen, would love to help! I specialise in logos and branding, you can see my work on my profile: https://the-dots.com/users/justine-hyde-mobbs-97028.

    My email is justinehydemobbs@gmail.com then we can have a chat.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Jen! I'm a brand designer, I'm available and would love to help, here's my portfolio:
    Would love to chat, contact me here: laura@hellozigzag.com
  • Hello Jen,

    I would be happy to help you in this! Have over 10 years experience in branding, you can see my work on

    And please get in touch on 4nn414@gmail.com
  • Hi Jen,

    I'm a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer that specialises in branding, typography and web design. Feel free to shoot me a message to chat scope and budget. You can see my work at www.ramedays.com and get in touch with me through nathday@ramedays.com.

    Good luck with it all and hope to hear from you soon!
    Nath :)
  • Hi Jen,
    This sounds like a super fun project and I'd love to hear more about it! To briefly introduce myself, my name is Iris and I am a brand and graphic designer. For my work, I go for a minimal approach and usually add in a bit of an artistic twist.
    Recently, I've actually had another film production client for whom I've done the branding - I can send a specific example to you if you'd want :)
    To see some of my work please find my portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/irisvandijk2 and my website here: https://andthedesign.nl/
    If you'd like to continue the discussion, please feel free to get in touch by emailing me at iris@anthedesign.nl
    Thank you!

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