[Now Closed] I am looking for a freelance designer to work with my client to define their brand identity and create brand guidelines.

My client is currently looking for someone to work with to get a new and fresh design for their brand. We would like someone that can be available to work closely with us to help realise the brand and create beautiful brand guidelines they can them take to develop marketing collateral.

We would be looking at this as an on-going potentially 3 month project with calls every so often to make sure the designer is aligned with the brand and it can evolve accordingly. Please drop me a message for more information! 😀


  • Hey Louise, I'm interested and I would love more informations :)
    You can find my work here: https://www.marieguirlet.com/
  • Hey Louise!

    Would love to know more about the opportunity. You can find my info/work here: tldstudio.xyz

    Reach out if you want to chat :)

  • Hey Louise! Popped you a DM to connect.

    I'd be delighted to offer freelance support to define and create your client's brand ID and subsequent guidelines. I have worked on numerous brand refreshes and distillments over the past 10+ years.

    My LI is: linkedin.com/in/rowlandkatie & my portfolio can be found here: www.katie-rowland.com (PW. WhyNot?).

    I'd love to hear more about the project! Thanks Louise, Katie
  • I have strong experience working in field of creating guidelines for brands and campaigns, for commerical and small brands.

    Feel free to contact me on luke@melonmodern.com

    portfolio here:
    https://melonmodern.com/ or
  • Hey Louise,

    I’m a graphic designer and would love to collaborate with you! Check out my design page on Instagram: @rioknight_design

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Hi Louise,

    I'm a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer that specialises in Branding, Illustration, Typography and Web Design. Feel free to shoot me a message to chat scope and budget. You can see my work at www.ramedays.com and get in touch with me through nathday@ramedays.com.

    Good luck with it all and hope to hear from you soon!
    Nath :)
  • Hello Louise,

    This sounds like a great opportunity to collaborate together. I'm a freelance graphic design of 19 years so would be great to chat more about your project.

    Portfolio: https://www.isddesign.co.uk
    Email: iainsmithdwight@outlook.com


  • Hey Louise,

    I specialise in branding and would love to hear more about it - my website is https://justinevhm.com and my email is justinehydemobbs@gmail.com.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Louis!

    I am a graphic designer who loves creating a developing a brand's identity. This sounds like a great opportunity and definetly something up my street. check out my website below and I hope to hear from you
    let's collaborate!
  • Hi Louise,
    I'm a freelance brand designer with over 15 years experience in the brand and packaging space. This sounds like a really interesting project to be involved with.

    Here are some recent projects of mine. If my experience is relevant, would love to know more.

    Thanks, James.
  • Hi Louise, sounds like it could be a good project, it'd be great to learn more.

    Im Alex from Custom Studio. We're a small brand and design studio working closely with ambitious businesses to create brands that are meaningful, unexpected and designed to last. We've got plenty of experience at all stages of the brand journey, from foundational strategy, through to full visual identity, guidelines, marketing collateral and everything in between. You can find a little more about us and work here:

    It would be great to chat further about your project and how we may be able help. You can reach me at alex@thecustomstudio.co.uk

  • Hey Louise,

    I’d love to get involved if you see me as a good fit ☺️ my website is www.gemmabuss.com and happy to provide further examples of work!

    Feel free to ping over a message or always available for a call.

    Many thanks,
  • Hey Louise, hope you are well, I'd love to find out more about the client and the project! You can find my portfolio here: https://davidsturgessdesign.com

    Here is also an example of some brand guidelines I have created in the past! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LQEhv0Xn-TX-gaUXKARf_ax2fDBu9vNK/view?usp=share_link

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Louise,

    I'd love to hear more about this! I am a freelance designer with 7 years of experience with clients including Harper Collins, Secret Spa and Diary of a CEO.

    You can see my full portfolio via www.sassrobcreative.com

    I've sent you a connection request or you can email me at sassrobcreative@gmail.com

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Louise,

    I'd love to collaborate with you on this! As an experienced creative director and brand designer, I bring a unique and fresh perspective to every project. I am passionate about helping clients shape their brand identity and creating comprehensive brand guidelines that serve as a foundation for impactful marketing collateral.

    You can view my portfolio at sofiapusa.com.

    Working together for around three months would suit me well, checking in regularly to make sure we stay on track with the brand vision.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out—I'm excited about the potential to work together.


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