Since being at home, fellow creatives how are you combatting creative fatigue?


  • @Esin Huseyin I believe that we all, more or less "know" what to do to tackle situations like this. The problem is not knowing what to do but actually taking action (how many times more do we need to hear about the benefits of leaving our comfort zones, right?). If you actually managed to do something about it (assuming it was all a real pressing issue) I'd love to hear more about it.

  • @Tiffany Munro Well, congrats on that! Sounds exotic. I haven't learned any new languages, other than the ones I already struggle with (still fighting German). Instead, what I did was to finally start writing a script for a feature bio pic I've been researching for almost 2 years. It felt so good to actually see it come to life! I have to say that when they lift up the curfew back in July-August here in Barcelona, I kind of missed that feeling of sheer focus applied to just one passion project. I'm still writing on but way slower than during those days :)
  • You might interestd in this guide, which we created in collaboration with over 50 creative directors - Do hope you find it useful. We will be updating it in the next couple of weeks
  • I've taken up oil painting and am trying to keep faith to be honest. It's really rough as my income has been quartered, but I truly believe that if I keep myself busy with something new, I'll make it through stronger. Hope you're doing well.
  • @Vlad Popov This is really positive way of looking at things. And hey, don't need to tell me twice to eat more carbs!
  • @Magnus Naddermier This is so true. I've found whilst working on briefs, sometimes doing something completely different has helped me to tackle it from a new angle!
  • @Adebola Adegbulugbe Playing the piano - that sounds wicked! I do agree, there is something really tangible or conmforting about being able to create something creative with your hands. I actually picked up macrame the first time we went into lockdown!
  • @Mark Ivkovic Great to hear that you're starting to get your mojo back. I guess as we're entering lockdown 2 here in the UK, I'll try to be less hard on myself.
  • @Agathe Monmont I love this - I've actually spent the morning signing up to a load of talks on things that feel 'unrelated'. Do you have any recommendations for books/talks that you've enjoyed lately?
  • @David Cerqueiro What a wonderful response - thanks so much for sharing. I'll be pushing myself out of my comfort zone this week.
  • Oxygen!

    I find I have to feed my brain with oxygen and calm all thoughts of the busy mind. Creatives are creative, so I am never worried about running out of ideas or not having a unique enough idea at any given time.

    What prevents creativity is blockage. Anything that frees up blood circulation and floods the brain with oxygen I find helps.. breathing, stretching, walking, playing a sport. No Social Media activity and no "trying" to get inspired. You are already inspired because you cannot stop looking at things and your brain turns all the interesting stuff into inspiration. Also a busy brain requires a lot of carbs! And no, I'm not a neurologist ;-)

    I like what @Michelle Arroyo said too.
  • Hi Esin,
    The simple answer to this is rest – pause! Stop thinking of what your struggling with and focus on something different. For me this is the only way. I often go to litterature or cinema, but it can be anything: yoga, cooking, music...
  • It’s a really good question. Personally, I mentally switch to learning or doing something new. As a copywriter, lately I’ve been learning to do some video editing and Photoshop. Also sometimes just resting the old brain cells by doing something light and totally unrelated to work, like watching that documentary or comedy you’ve been saving. I have a thing for South Korean culture, so love watching their historical dramas. Lastly, I try to reduce screen time and do stuff with my hands like playing the piano or just listening to my favourite tracks.
  • @David Cerqueiro I've learned to read Devanagri script (not to speak Hindi though... I mean WIP right?), what 'new and difficult language' have you tackled in lockdown?
  • I'll be brutally honest. I wasn't. Sure I was doing the Duolingo thing everyday, started learning some coding, was watching as many seminars as I could. However I just wasn't creating. I'd just moved to a new pace right before lockdown and was looking forward to the new creative opportunities. That was put on hold so I just kind of drifted for a good few months. Somehow of late I've started getting my mojo back, I'm just making stuff again and find the act of creating is sparking my creativity. Making stuff amkes me want to make more stuff.
    So, in answer, badly I guess. Don't force it, if you don't want to create then take some time out, recovery. The spark will ignite again when it's ready.
  • Anything that help you have a different perspective on things like talking to new people or having conversations about fresh topics with your friends, trying to understand how they experience this or that. Read books you'd never read, start meditation, look into ASMR, use TikTok, try and get as much virtual art and concerts as possible, listen to talks on random topics, try to stay open to anything.
  • Learn a new and difficult language, learn a new recipe, work out differently, write thing you wouldn't normally write, sing, learn to dance bachata, engage in deep conversation with strangers and don't back up when it becomes akward, sleep more, eat well, then eat only junk food, learn how to properly meditate, offer your energy and expertise to othrs for free, read, read, read. Creativity is a state of constant raw perception of our surroundings. Even if you're locked in. Try it, be brave. You'll be fine.
  • @Julie Richards I can only relate - I think London might be joining you soon! I'm finding it difficult to brainstorm via a screen...
  • @Kerry Needs Sound advice - I'm considering trying to work from some coffee shops/cafes next week in the hopes of giving me a bit of an inspiration bost. There's nothing quite like a bit of people watching to do that!
  • It's hard! The only thing I can do is to go new places. Switch things up as and when I can.
  • @Esin Huseyin I'm actually heading back to my parents for half of Nov and all of December in a more extreme version of my previous advice - getting stale? MOVE COUNTY haha
  • @Alex Elder such a great shout! I have to admit though, my back has taken a battering because of this. Do you think the winter is going to really affect you?

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