Writers/content creators/creatives… would you recommend completing a Masters to gain/strengthen experience/confidence for writing gigs?

I’ve been looking into https://www.arts.ac.uk/subjects/journalism-pr-media-and-publishing/postgraduate/ma-journalism-arts-and-lifestyle-journalism-lcc


  • I would say getting a masters in writing about gigs would be staying in your comfort zone and avoiding jumping in head first. Get out there and just write…volunteer for labels, venues, mags and blogs. Make friends with people at the venues so you can get your foot in the door and get interviews with artists. Be bold in your creativity in how you get out there, be fearless because there is no one way to write about music…if you write from your heart and passions edge it will come from your voice and that is something I think a masters may stunt. Why learn about it when you can do it and not have to pay large fees. Good luck and have fun!!
  • Thanks for the information.
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  • No, that would be absurb, if your content, is consist with a voice that is spoke by the daily commoner formal education is not obligatory. Your words stem from the school of life, which everyone is a valedictorian.
  • Hi Esme, I'm not a writer but I teach postgrad & MA Visual Communication. What I tell my students is that neither PG nor MA will necessary translate into money. Sometime we have very talented students with imposter syndrome and I feel as if they are ‘buying confidence’ by enrolling on the course.

    Education is an investment and I'm sure you'll gain a lot but if you are looking to gain confidence and experience, you can do it on the job while earning.

    Whichever route you choose, I’m sure you’ll have great experience. Good luck!
  • In some cases enrolling on an MA in 'creative arts' sector gives you the framework and focus for output, connection with peers, possible career starts, possible industry network connections, some level of experience.

    Weighing that up against the cost of going is what you might need to consider. Are there alternatives that can give you the access to learning, experience, connections and support you might need?

    I am certain that in this field experience trumps qualification - so if the only advantage of enrolling on an MA is to become accredited, your time might be better spent elsewhere. It partly depends how you value the other aspects of being on the course.

    I interviewed a number of people who have gone on to do MA or alternative postgraduate pathways in the creative arts (mainly fine art) and most had a similar, mixed experience... but in all cases when the MA ends so does most of the activity that is valued - which in some ways, kind of postpones the point at which you need to get some real world experience, connections, networks etc.

    If you don't go, the quesiton of how you get that experience and support and network needs to be considered. Maybe another quesiton thread on here??

  • if you insist on taking a course, why not investigate open learn at the open uni?


    they might have something; and the courses are free. also the bureau of investigative journalism, which can point you in the right direction.


    there's also the indiependent.


    finally, don't know about this one but it seems to work, giving you a taste of what it's like working in different areas of publishing.


    good luck.

  • I honestly wouldn't unless you plan to write in a really specialist area where you can charge a high premium for the work. However if it's something you're interested in or planning on doing anyway then it certainly won't hurt. You can practice writing without a £9k a year fee.

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