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The Old Truman Brewery - 95 Brick Lane - London, United Kingdom

Organised by D&AD

We’re making work in a world that’s creating new intelligence, embracing renewables, facing extinction, confronting its biases, entrenching inequality, exploring further, living longer and still fighting a pandemic.

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It’s clear that we can’t just make things that are pretty. We can’t make plastic junk. We can’t waste time making things up that aren’t even real. We can’t ignore how technology is shaping us. We can’t play off our privilege, take comfort in convention, or turn a blind eye.

But it’s amongst these challenges that our creativity can make a real difference.

This May, D&AD Festival returns to London to stimulate, enable and celebrate the creative excellence influencing us today and to push the industry forward to make a better tomorrow.

Join us for four days of events across two venues featuring 300+ international judges, leading brands, progressive speakers, pressing topics, provocative debates, hands-on workshops, and inspiring awards showcases:

D&AD Festival 2023: The Talks, 9 & 10 May: two days at Truman Brewery, following D&AD Awards judging featuring keynote talks, jury insight sessions, workshops, networking, and an exhibition from the D&AD Awards 2023 shortlist.


Attendees — 75

 -  (BST)
D&AD Festival 2023: The Talks (20% discount for Dots members)London, United Kingdom