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Provoking thought, provoking action.

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Red Consultancy is a strategic communications consultancy offering PR, digital and content expertise. Employing around 140 people from our Soho offices, we develop and manage campaigns, run major press offices and steer brands and businesses through engagement with media, consumers, customers, stakeholders and internal audiences within the UK and beyond. Our offer of strategic counsel combined with flair and creativity is at the heart of our core appeal for clients who include leading brands and organisations such as McDonald’s, Emirates, Huawei, Aldi, Adobe, Accenture and Nestle. We believe our job is to PROVOKE – to provoke thoughts, to provoke action. Too many communication campaigns fail because they simply don’t get noticed let alone drive any sort of response. Our commitment to provoke helps us design campaigns which cut through the noise and generate interest, engagement and debate. We find that sticking to this braver approach works for us and our clients – it makes us better at our jobs and sharper than the competition; it gets clients in front of their audience and delivers stronger results.

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