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London, United Kingdom

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At Vashi, we’re on a mission to inspire our customers to create jewellery with meaning through our Vashi Creation Process, because we believe something you made always means more than something you bought. With a workshop in every store, we’re pulling back the curtain to make bespoke fine jewellery accessible to everyone. We select only the best quality, ethically-sourced diamonds from suppliers we trust. Then, working with 100 percent recycled metals, we set them into made-to-order fine jewellery putting the customer at the heart. We’re aiming to do nothing less than transform the fine jewellery industry, and we’re always on the lookout for people who find that as exciting as we do. Here’s how we’re building our company culture from the ground up. Be ethical We aim to be a meaningful brand not only to our colleagues and customers, but to the world at large. We act responsibly and consider our impact on people and the planet in everything we do. Be yourself Our brand is based upon helping customers express their true selves, and the same goes for our employees. We’re proud to be creating an environment where you can truly be yourself at work. Be fair Treating people fairly is the backbone of our brand. We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can feel part of the Vashi community. Be friendly It’s a fun, friendly place to work. With collaboration at our core, we offer our employees the same warm, genuine welcome that customers can expect in-store. Be co-creative We empower our employees to work together to bring their best ideas to life in the workplace too. We believe in the power of co-creation – and that doesn’t just apply to our customers Be daring On a mission to disrupt an entire industry, we strongly believe in the power of change. So we accept the challenge to do things in newer, better ways, and empower everyone who works here to do the same.

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