How do you get 22 million customers to 'be more dog'?

We handle all the day-to-day direct marketing to 22 million customers across a wide range of channels. We’re also supporting the business as it transforms from mobile operator to a broader digital services provider, helping position the brand as being central to making customers’ lives easier and more rewarding.Instead of just creating a traditional retail CRM programme, we created a more brand-led, insightful and emotionally engaging approach; one that shows the personal benefits of embracing new O2 propositions, such as Priority Moments, Sports and Tickets.
Our work has helped make O2 Priority Moments the UK’s largest digital loyalty proposition with over 7 million downloads. And, with the launch of Be More Dog, we’ve also helped deepen engagement at a brand level – our Cat Life Coach app got over 130,000 customers onto the microsite for an average of 4 minutes (without spending a penny to promote it).