26 Days of Illustration

  • Alison Dominguez

Creator Illustrator Recently the Instagram account @36daysoftype set a challenge for designers worldwide: every day for 36 days post a picture of an original typeset until you get through letters A-Z and numbers 1-10. There were some incredible submissions and while I could not participate at the time of the challenge, it inspired me to start my own. I created 26 Days of Illustration. It is still inspired by the alphabet but instead of type it is about illustrations. I have decided to choose flowers as my inspiration. A for Amaryllis, B for Baby’s Breath etc. Furthermore, I wanted to add an extra layer (literally!) due to the COVID–19 lockdown and quarantine. In addition to the colored illustration, I also post the line drawing. Anyone who wants to download the line drawing as a coloring page can do so! You can print it out or color it in digitally. I am happy to send the PNG to anyone who would like it! Just email 14adomingue@gmail.com with 26 Days of Illustration Request in your subject line. If you do repost it all I ask is you tag me @dmngzx! (this is currently a work-in-progress and will be uploaded as I complete them over the 26 days)