Mellow Drama Magazine

  • Alison Dominguez
  • Kristine Romano
  • Ashley Miller As a creative artistic compilation of real people and real stories, we seek to provide a space for individuals to share what is important to them through a variety of mediums. Content can include anything from personal narratives to creative writing, photography, video, illustration, and more. The goal is to provide a platform for people–both contributors, as well as our audience–to explore identity at the intersections of social structures and current affairs. We aim to be an inclusive and progressive space, highlighting diversity not only in the stories that we share, but also in who is telling them. Our online platform has a broad overarching two-toned theme: Dark and Light. Pieces that fall into 'Dark' navigate themes of repression, confusion, frustration, and inconclusiveness. 'Light' plays on the lighter, more conclusive side of reality, exploring themes of acceptance, empowerment, and coming to peace with situations or with yourself. 'Dark' is represented by the color black, while 'Light' is represented by yellow. Some of you may be able to find yourself within these stories, some of you may have experienced a version of them, and some of you may encounter new perspectives. There are narratives of overcoming struggles and living with traumas; there are stories that make you laugh, ones that make you question, and ones that give you hope. Mellow Drama is for the contributors by the contributors. We would love to hear your voice. If you believe you have a story to tell, but have never had a platform to put down your thoughts, please send an email to