5 Female led black owned brands to watch in 2021! @byvicmonari

  • Victoria Monari

*NEW FASHION PIECE* first of 2021 �✨��by me for @gauchoworld head to the #linkinbio for the full read - I picked out 5 of my favourite female led Black owned brands to watch in 2021 : Repost “5 Black-owned Female Led Brands To Watch In 2021: 2020 may have been a lot of things, one thing it did not disappoint us in was the huge influx of Black owned and female led fashion brands. Although the fashion world is notoriously known for sidelining, ignoring and gatekeeping designers and creators of colour; there was an abounding amount of talent spotlighted through all parts of the industry from bags to sunglasses and even scrunchies. “ #blackowned #femaleled We explored the talented @asata.maise, @designsbymisemi, @omolubylu , @itsrooper and @christianahjones. Full read is over on the Gauchoworld website words c/o @byvicmonari #fashion #feature