STITCH Magazine Issue #1

  • Victoria Monari

“STITCH”It’s so lovely to finally be able to share the fruits of our labour for the past few months thank you to everyone in the MA Publishing team at UAL who made this happen���✨ “Stitch” is a fashion and culture magazine aimed at exploring the next generation of fashion through design and culture. It was born out of a desire to celebrate a renaissance of creative spirit over mass market appeal in the fashion industry and to provide a platform for the voices of up-and-coming designers, writers, creators and overall change-makers to be heard.” Thank you to the wonderful team below for making all of this happen ; Project manager (Leah Felton), Production manager (Kaylee Warren), Art & design directors (Stephanie Carral, Dmitrij Vasilenko), Editors (Victoria Monari, Tsvetina Durcheva, Sarah Giles), Writers (Victoria Monari, Sarah Giles, Tsvetina Durcheva, Leah Felton) and Legal (Tsvetina Durcheva). Photo credit from @laiadelemos �Will be posting more content soon� #UAL #magazine #fashion #culture #magazinecover #fashionindustry #design #writers #content #creative #graphicdesign #logo #thankyou #project #change #love #publishing

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