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*I designed and produced a magazine for my local brewery made from BEER PAPER !*�✨� Definitely one of my more exciting projects; I designed and produced the entire magazine catalogue for Mondo Brewing Company at LCC London (as part of an assignment at LCC and as an addition to my portfolio) ; this certainly had its challenges however I was really excited to apply this unique design based conceptual take on magazine design and end up with a marketable product! It was also worth it as I got to make something special for a local business and give back to my own community in Battersea. Thanks to the entire Mondo team for believing in this and letting me have a proper go + everyone at LCC who assisted in this project till it’s end ; and a massive thank you to @gfsmithpapers as their unique paper led to this fantastic idea in the first place!! Their paper is both sustainable (forest free FSC certified) and made from beer grain (you can see the speckled beer grains for yourself up close in the last picture✨�� )such an insane concept and I was glad to be able to creatively make use of it and apply it to a real life business. #magazine #lcc #ual #brewery #mondobrewing #independent #layoutdesign #beer #brewery #battersea #gmundbier #gfsmith #publishing #creativity #sustainable#sustainable BEER PAPER


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