A Glimpse of the future

  • Katie Logue
  • Kevin Arulrajah
  • Sabine Zetteler

Push the shelves in a certain London newsagents this Fairtrade Fortnight and a revolving door will whisk you into a secret hot chocolate salon serving up the stories of empowerment for female farmers in West Africa alongside mugs of delicious cocoa. This tantalising treat is the work of Glimpse, a collective of creative people using their immense talent to dream up exciting, heart-melting and buzz-worthy projects for charities and progressive causes – and the latest addition to the Zetteler client family.

This week in east London there’s a small newsagent hiding a big secret. On first glance it’s an unassuming corner shop right down to the strip lights overhead and stacks of soup cans and snacks. But perusing the shelves filled with chocolates, a gleaming brass button reads ‘Discover the story behind the bar’. Press it and the whole wall revolves to reveal Rosine’s Hot Chocolate Salon, a 12-person pop-up cafe where visitors can sip the most delicious Fairtrade cocoa drinks while learning about the inspiring West African female farmers behind the beans – like Rosine.
Open from 25 February to 3 March at 66 Kingsland Road, the speakeasy-style salon is a project from the newest addition to the Zetteler family, Glimpse. Glimpse is a creative collective that dreams up and produces magical, feel-good activations that widen the reach of vitally important social or environmental campaigns. What makes Glimpse quite different to your standard agency (and one of the many reasons we’re so psyched about working together) is that it works as an open community where anyone with creative skills can get involved. There are around 1600 people in the collective who come together for hack days to use their professional skills and thinking to come up with big ideas to change the world for the better. Glimpse also works with companies to help them rediscover their purpose and make more socially and environmentally responsible choices  – helping businesses to be better and do better.
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