A sizzle reel with a difference

  • Fraser Coupland

Brands At Work is an award-winning experiential agency, putting on one hell of a show at each and every one of its clients' events. It specialises in the creative design and delivery of marketing and event communications. But every now and then an agency needs to build hype for itself, not just its clients - and so the team decided it was time for a new and improved sizzle reel to win over prospective and existing customers. Brands At Work came to us for help creating the sizzle reel. I was put in charge of writing the video script and handed access to a library of event footage, with the task of bringing it together into a narrative. A quick look at competitor sizzle reels told us one thing - they were all a little bit... slow. So we focused our copy on pace and short, punchy messages interspersed with some incredible footage and upbeat music. My script was then turned into the video you see here by a talented team of designers. The client was thrilled with the result, and the video is still Brands At Work's official sizzle reel three years later.

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