A1 Orto Prototrips

Before the summer, Orto created a special bundle with unlimited communication and 15 GB of data that budding travelers could use either at home or anywhere in the EU.
To reduce the possibility of epic fails during their Eurotrip to a bare minimum, we created a series of limited edition Prototrips - prototyped travel accessories aimed at tackling random problems that travelers usually face along the way such as flash summer showers, hot sweaty junk and missing toilet paper at festival porta-potties.
The Prototrips were given away for free to fans on social media.
It is unknown whether the Prototrips actually helped resolve any of the issues they were designed to solve but as of yet, we haven't received any complaints ...
Client: A1 Slovenija
Agency: Grey Ljubljana
Executive Creative Director: Petra Krulc
Creative Director: Luka Bajs
Art Director: Matija Primc
Copywriters: Luka Bajs, Bor Klemenc Mencin
Production: Bright Visuals

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Bor Klemenc Mencin

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