ACM Symposium on Applied Perception

  • Kanaka Raghavan
The ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (ACM SAP) provides an intimate, immersive forum for researchers who combine knowledge, methods, and insights from perception research and computer science disciplines.

This explicitly includes disciplines such as cognitive psychology, perceptual psychology, psychophysics, behaviour-analysis, and neuroscience on the perceptual side and computer graphics, computer vision, visualization, and human-computer interfaces on the visual computing side to name just a few!

I was asked to create the identity of this high profile science conference being held in the University of Barcelona(UB). The client wanted to highlight the UB campus since it was of historic significance, boasting a strong architectural character right in the heart of the city.

Perception is a mode of apprehending reality and experience through the senses, and to explore this very idea I created a series of photo illusions using the strong architectural elements of the historic university building. One was drawn to interact with the identity material. Stare at it, see it from different angles, thereby exploring the very theme of “Applied Perception”.