• Hamza Aliati

It’s the things you can’t see that shape the world

Afiliat is a Digital Marketing company that helps people make better business decisions. Using years of practical machine learning research and experience in mathematical modelling, Afialite collaborates with clients to get a better outcome, achieve more, and waste less.
Their aim is to become the most preferable of all competitors, and to position Afiliat as the Marketing company for the future, focusing on digital innovation and marketing with the help of machine learning, research and experience in mathematical modelling
Designing Afiliat brand identity to be like Afiliat itself; interconnected, responsive, and generative.

Afiliat core Design Language is constructed on the idea of achieving more with less. By using a structure in which 8 squares connect to each other to form 4 rectangles and a greater square. Two rectangles represent Afiliat with the letter A, This language highlights Afiliat’s invisible force; manifesting the idea that “It’s the things you can’t see that shape the world”.
By using a grid that ties all elements of the brand together; the visual language of the squares at a 45-degree angle can be seen in the wordmark, logo, a variety of crops of Imageries at their simplest or more complex states, iconography, advertising, and motion design. – which mirrors the company’s particular balance of technology, connectivity, and innovation.