Alexey Brodovitch

  • Elnaz Soltan

Branding for an exhibition dedicated to Russian designer and photographer, Alexey Brodovitch. (Student brief)

Alexey Brodovitch, Harper's Bazaar, 1934 - 1958
“What Dom Pérignon was to champagne…so [Brodovitch] has been to…photographic design and editorial layout.” - Truman Capote

During his time as Art Director for Harper’s Bazaar between 1934-1958, Brodovitch revolutionised editorial design through introducing a radically simplified style, characterised by his generous use of white space. Against the white pages, his photographs of models in floaty Parisian gowns created an ethereal presence.
The concept of ‘Ethereal Editorial’ is a contemporary take on Brodovitch’s work during this period. Create from overlapping strokes of charcoal, the central illustration emulates the flowing movement and subtle transparency of the models’ gowns photographed by Brodovitch.
A simple wall sticker surrounded by white space featured at the entrance to the exhibition - another nod to Brodovitch’s work.
Designed as a takeaway from the exhibition, these A5 postcards were inspired by Brodovitch’s typographic layouts - featuring narrowly set columns, elegant typefaces and of course, his signature use of white space.