AlphaBet Board Game

  • Ioana Iancu

AlphaBet is a brilliant personal project through which I’ve learned what it takes to independently build and promote a product, end-to-end. In my spare time, I have loads of fun working on creative projects with my friends, from the occasional painting to clay modeling, making music and building smart devices. This time, we set out to create an experience that everyone will enjoy. AlphaBet Board Game came to life.

AlphaBet was amazing from the off. Family and friends absolutely loved it, so we agreed to try to make it available to everyone, via Kickstarter.

Click here to visit the AlphaBet Kickstarter page.
To promote AlphaBet, we shared loads of exciting content via social media. We also used paid social ads to attract gaming enthusiasts to our platforms. And organised a game-night event, where dozens of people joined to play AlphaBet, win prizes, and have a good time alongside other players.