• Leah Westwood
  • Sofia Carobbio
  • Christoph Lorenzi
  • Matt Rice

A beautifully crafted iOS game that makes the alphabet your golf course. Alphaputt is that beautiful place where typography meets crazy golf. Putt your way through the alphabet, complete your own wordy courses, challenge your friends, and share your best shots. Just watch out for the UFOs. And the vacuum cleaners. Pre-release game reach: In the 3 months building up to launch and post launch the estimated social media reach of the game is 501,931 (according to Brand24). The game has been featured as the prestigious ‘Game of the Day’ in the UK and US reaching the rank of No.1 in the Family Game category in both key countries. The game also reached No.1 in 25 countries (Games/Family) and No.1 in 13 countries (Games/Sport). More on: