• Leah Westwood
  • Jack McGurran
  • Josh Ellis
  • Christoph Lorenzi
  • Matt Rice

Capturing new audiences and increasing visitors by 145% for a music legend. We partnered with the team at Rocket Entertainment to create a new digital platform, providing a go-to destination for everything Elton related. From latest news and tour listings to an immersive timeline focusing on Elton’s career, the website is content rich and has something for everyone. Through a series of workshops, we engaged with the project team and representatives from Elton’s fanbase to plan an experience that would truly connect with the core audience and beyond. We helped to define the content strategy, user experience and visual design for the responsive web platform. We worked with Elton’s new identity, designed by George Adams and applied it to the website. Taking the colour palette, textures, typography and layout structure we evolved the guidelines for screen. Our approach focuses on the star grid element of the identity, creating dynamic layouts, unique to Elton’s online presence. The hero module is used as a driver to encourage users to dig deeper into content. Intriguing crops, elegant motion applied to imagery on interaction, and activation of video content on rollover come together to provide an engaging and memorable experience. We built a series of prototypes with a responsive, modular grid to fit a variety of content. This framework allowed us to iterate and improve quickly, testing the look and feel on the fly. The all-new eltonjohn.com launched to coincide with the pre-order release of a new Greatest Hits album - Diamonds.