Alter Your Mind

  • Scarlett Riggs
  • Chakshu bohra
  • Radwa Radwan
  • Zichen Y
  • Annabelle Barlow

Alter Your Mind is a campaign to encourage young people, from 18-25, to alter their mindset and change habits in relation to their consumer behaviour. £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfill each year and extending the life cycle of a garment by just 9 months can significantly reduce this. If we change our behaviour, we can have a positive impact on the current climate crisis.

As part of the campaign simple stickers will be placed on clothing tags in fast fashion shops. When consumers view the tags to see what the price of the garment is a simple fact or message will obscure this detail. The aim is to disrupt consumers buying habits, and to encourage people to rethink their purchase.

Lowering the demand for cheap clothes, interrupted existing purchasing patterns, could significantly help reduce waste. Alternative ways of shopping are shown on the posters – for example, buying and donating at charity shops is just one of many ways to reuse and recycling garments, helping to extend the life cycle.

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    Nottingham Trent University