App Prototype - DIGIREF

  • Phoebe Watts
  • Oxana Inkina

The Home of Referencing.

Digiref is a referencing app that allows the user to scan the ISBN number of a book and have it automatically referenced. The aim of our app was to take the stress out of referencing, help students achieve better grades and emphasise the importance of referencing. The aim of our design was to create an appearance similar to print. This included the use of flat illustration, flat colour and a serif typeface.

I am currently revisiting and redesigning this project. Any feedback would be great :)
- making navigation from home pages clearer
- editing promo to real phone
- redesigning animations that are cohesive with logo animation
We decided on the typeface Futura for the logo design as it is condensed and reflected the ISBN aspect of the logo. We also chose Futura because of its geometric appearance, history in print and ability to work well on screen. We chose Merriweather as a sans serif on the welcome pages as it is a google font which has been designed for screen use unlike most serifs.