Book here Join us for a brilliant cycle of Argentina Cineclub together with the Embassy of Argentina. Next week is our last screening, on Thursday 14th January at 7pm with Theatre of War by Lola Arias followed by a chat with the director. Both a commentary on the making of an artwork about the Falklands/Malvinas and an exploration of the fluid spaces between authenticity and artificiality, Theatre of War presents an imaginative and deeply humane reflection on the contested poetics of memory. The ex-combatants – David, Lou, Gabriel, Marcelo, Rubén and Sukrim – are all given the space to control how they represent a conflict whose ghosts still haunt both their own sense of self and their nation’s identity. By mapping the men’s performative journey, Theatre of War becomes a discussion about collaboration and engagement, and how, by engaging with ‘the other’ (those who were ‘on the other side’), these men work together to reach a different understanding of their past. Followed by an interview with the director and a discussion on ZOOM. You can watch the film for free on BFI PLAYER. Book here

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