ASK JAY - JTI InfoSec chatbot

  • Estelle Jin
  • Meghan Botterill
  • Charlotte Golzari

The Drum B2B awards - 2019 Best Corporate Communications Campaign Problem: How to increase awareness and trigger long-lasting behavioral change towards Information Security for JTI employees? Users: JTI employees Challenges: Cybersecurity concerns everyone in a company. However, it's hard to realize its importance until a problem arises. How to get people interested and feel involved? Employees often find it difficult to remember the learnings of an InfoSec workshop. On top of that, the cybersecurity information needs to be constantly updated to stay relevant. How to constantly stay up to date in terms of content? How to train employees to adopt safe InfoSec habits? Employees have also different levels of comfort with technology, some will feel ashamed of asking "stupid questions". How to provide guidance while respecting privacy? Another identified pain point was the difficulty to reach out to the appropriate support contact when security threats occur. How to provide the right support while people are under stress and need to report an incident? Solution: We designed a scripted chatbot that aimed to provide different levels of educational resources and guidance, training, and escalation support to employees. Credits: shout-out to Graeme Kendrew (Creative Director), Meghan Botterill (UI designer), Charlotte Golzari (freelance copywriter)