Bad Habits

  • Abbie Hopper
  • Chrissy Levett

A card game to spark conversation about climate change. (Creative Conscience 2020 submission) Everyone has habits that they’re not proud about, however when it comes to habits that impact climate change, we need to start talking and doing something about them. This card game is a light hearted way of addressing these habits, and to encourage small changes that can create a more sustainable attitude to the way we consume resources. It encourages people to think about their habits and to consider the effects they have. The game is played by matching either the impact or behaviour of the card in play. The aim is to be the first to get rid of all your bad habits!

The game is made up of 48 unique bad habit cards, and 6 action cards (3 different types). The impacts are shown by the illustration & the behaviour is shown in bold.

A playful and informative website was also created to compliment the game. To allow players to explore more information about each impact, & to discover ways that they can shift their bad habit!