Badge of Shame

  • Ran Stallard
  • Max Maclean

Football fans are incredibly passionate about their clubs. Unfortunately sometimes this passion is mis-channeled in the form of racist slurs and songs, which turn the beautiful game ugly. We conceived a campaign to remind fans that racism is racism, no matter the context. And more than that, they hinder their own team rather than help it if they participate. The message? If you behave like a racist, you shame the shirt.

A highly targeted and localised campaign, the ads would appear in match day programmes, and around the town of the local team. We'd also use beermats in pubs near the various grounds as media space, as well as within the stadiums. On digital screens we could do simple animations of the logos where we see their transformation.
We'd also get press shots of key players wearing their team shirts with our new logos, and could post them as DM packs to football journalists and bloggers to encourage more conversation around the topic.