Ben Sherman x Alpha Industries

  • Marcus Agerman Ross
  • Dani Richardson
Ben Sherman created a limited edition MA-1 flying jacket in collaboration with Alpha Industries.
I was tasked with creating a film to promote the collaboration. Ben Sherman was keen to be presented outside of its usual historical context - that of a brand synoymous with the mod movement - whilst still acknowledging the importance of the shirt to the brand's identity.
Aware that the MA-1 flying jacket was a staple of stylist Ray Petri's Buffalo 'movement' of the 1980s, I asked Barry Kamen - artist, stylist and model and member of the Buffalo collective - to develop a unique film that showed off the collaboration as well as taking influence from Buffalo.
Working alongside photographer Frank Lebon, son of Buffalo photographer Mark Lebon, the cast were also children of orginal members of the Buffalo collective.
The film was, in fact, an animation of stills film photography - a technique that Barry and Frank had been working on for a while. This approach gave the film intrigue as well as a handcrafted feeling, at a time when brand films were looking very uniform.