Best Seat In The House, Wateraid, 2021

  • Olly Dundas
  • Dhaval Joshi
  • Hannah Stanton-Jones
  • Ellie Jackson
  • Doma Dovgialo
  • Jed Barnes
  • Emmanuel Robert Owusu-Afram
A host of artists, fashion designers and celebrities have created their own unique toilet seats as part of a project with WaterAid and the Rankin Agency to help elevate the status of the humble loo and celebrate them for the lifesavers they are.

Harry Hill, Pam Hogg, Val Garland, Ozwald Boateng, Martin Parr, Boy George, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Pure Evil and Hayden Kays are among 25 artists who have given the Best Seat in the House a special splash of luxury to mark World Toilet Day on 19 November. The collection, which includes a golden throne, punk art, seats decorated in beautiful fabric, and a lucky toilet seat, has been photographed in a set of stylish shots by the Rankin Agency to help lift the lid on the sanitation crisis.

One in five people globally have no decent toilet at home, compromising their safety, dignity, and health, with 800 children dying every day from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. A third of schools lack decent toilets, so millions of girls have to stay at home during their period, holding them back from fulfilling their potential.

“It’s easy for us to take toilets for granted; we just assume everyone has one. But one in five people don’t have this basic human right – that’s an extraordinary figure. When travelling with work, I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is for people to live without a toilet, and the impact it has on their health, education, dignity and safety. The toilet really is the Best Seat in the House, and that’s what we want to show through this campaign. Toilets can make us feel a little uncomfortable. Using the toilet seat as a canvas is an accessible and engaging way to put the spotlight on toilets and get people talking about them. The designs are fun, but carry an important message – that everyone everywhere needs a decent toilet. And by supporting WaterAid, we can help get toilets into schools around the world so children can build a better future.” - Rankin on Wateraid, 2021

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