Bett 2018 - Event Identity & Publication Design

  • Katie Barron
Brief: Move the ‘game changers’ theme on from last year by taking it in a new direction – be bold, be adventurous, shift the mindset from Bett as a trade show to Bett as a platform for change; keeping the brand vision at the forefront, strong messaging and striking visuals, yet retain playfulness and originality.
Process: Through brainstorm and moodboard development, the team kept coming back to this idea of ‘tomorrow’ and how this had to be the next logical stage for the creative. This, combined with the idea of how the future jobs have not yet been decided as technology is changing so quickly, led us to this creative solution. 'Game changers' part 1 looked back in history and brought us up to the present day. To take game changers in a new direction, we have to talk about the future and the potential of what can happen.
Final Outcome: A winning creative pitch! Creative which fulfils the age an subject variations with a strong core message which sets the tone for the event.


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