Biggin Hill Airport - Logo redesign

  • Katie Barron
Brief: To redesign Biggin Hill Airport’s logo and brand to reflect the established, high end quality of the airport and to be clean, clear, and appeal more to customers. Keeping in mind the history of the airport — originally it was a busy RAF base and now is a commerical and regional airport.
Process: The primary research process of questioning local business people and the community, led the research team to conclude that heritage was one of the main USP’s of the Airport. The team created a number of logos to show a variety of ideas and this was the favourited logo that was designed by myself.
Final outcome: A logo which has a strong yet subtle tie with it’s RAF base heritage, yet is contemporary, professional and high end. It is extremely versatile and has a strap line to summarise that it is more than just an Airport. Robert Walters, Business Development Director said: “The airport has a proud past and this new branding will help us evolve into the 21st century and beyond. The brand guidelines are extremely versatile and work well across all media. The response from the local community and within the industry has been very positive. We’re delighted.”