Between Forms

  • Lucie Lazarus
  • Molly Peachey-Pape
  • Hannah Sosna
  • Raya van der Kroon

The series "Between Forms“ showcases Hannah Sosnas AW20 Collection 'The Colour of Time’ which won the M&S Wool Week competition. The outfits sit within contemporary masculinity while drawing references from the birth of colour television and the introduction of test cards. The bold and colourful geometric prints give a sense of anarchy and modernity to a classic cut. By staging the models Conor and William in a sensual, modern intimacy this juxtaposition is mirrored. Collaborator: Raya van der Kroon Outfits: Hannah Sosna Stylist: Molly Peachey-Pape MUA: Mari Kuno Styling Assistant: Jahnavi Sharma Model: William Parris, Conor Woodstock (Milkmodelmanagement)