• Elnaz Soltan

Branding for a fashion-themed film festival hosted by the British Film Institute. (Student brief) Keywords: edgy - experimental - elusive

For this brief I decided to challenge the clichés around haute couture and create something unexpected. In a departure from a glossy, ‘Vogue-esque’ aesthetic, I was inspired by the edgy look and feel of alternative fashion magazines.
The festival branding was featured on a poster which emulates the cover of an alternative fashion magazine. Rather than polished images of models, I opted for black and white stock imagery that subtly embraces their bodies, whilst creating a sense of intrigue.
An elaboration of the poster design, the branding was also rolled out across a festival brochure. It opens to an introductory page featuring an oversized paragraph in ‘Sabon’. I chose this as an edgy alternative to ‘Didot’, the typeface often associated with fashion editorial design.
Meanwhile, the A3 interior page is a culmination of the visual identity. In particular, the asymmetrically aligned content features experimental typographic language such as vertical paragraphs, as well as cropped text which adds to the elusive feel.