BIANCA D’AMORE (trailer)

  • Marica De Michele
Bianca d’Amore drives inspiration by a Giorgio Caproni’s poem about a small town in the south of Italy named “Martina Franca”. Bianca maybe is a real woman but we will never know,. She stands like a modern caryatid floating fast from a scene to another. The short movie doesn't have a real plot but it speaks to the public through the power of images in a mysterious way, not trying to lead anywhere but letting the emotions arise from the sounds and scents in a synesthetic experience. A symbolic and sometimes mystic atmosphere. The only thing to do is to follow the thread.
BIANCA D'AMORE City: Martina Franca Poem: Giorgio Caproni Performer: Valentina Perillo
Produced by @studioidakia Project: “Woven Italy” Script and Film direction: Ida Chiatante Cinematography and Editing: Marica De Michele Music: Angelo Losasso Assistant Operator: Gijs Brink
Fashion Design: Ida Chiatante Weaving: Le Costantine Flat Pattern Design: Patrizia Solito Makeup & Hairstylist: Marianna Cazzolla (Beauty Academy)