TALE of LOVE (trailer)

  • Marica De Michele
In collaboration with Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Tale of Love is an allegory of toxic love.
On a transcendental level, the film grasps the psychological violence within an unstable and unbalanced love story. It's like a recurring dream. Trapped souls, poised between attraction and repulsion, unrequited obsessions and self-defence mechanisms. Tale of Love is the struggle between opposite but complementary forces. Characters never meet, yet they continue to relate to each other.

T A L E o f L O V E (2019) official trailer •An allegory of toxic love•

a film by Marica De Michele in collaboration with Siciliano Contemporary Ballet & Salvatore Siciliano starring: Berit Einemo Frøysland, Marika Giannoccari, Michela Rossi music composer: Vincent Van Dijck director of photography: Sandro Moscogiuri assistant director: Matteo Azchirvani creative consultant: Francesca Innocenzi sound/video editing: Marica De Michele sound supervisor: Giuseppe Maffei hair/make up: Ekaterina Igonina production coordinator: Maria Sole Cincis production assistant: Picolina Macias executive producers: Marica De Michele & Vertical Film special thanks : Jacopo Arcucci, Roberto Giusti