Bitcoin Redesign

  • Soraia Soares

This month I had the opportunity do participate in a challenge where I had to redesign Bitcoin Brand Identity. Successfully, I was one of the winners! Bitcoin was the world's first decentralized digital currency, ushering in a new era in the financial and technological world. Its objective is only one: to give everyone control of their money and future, with complete freedom, transparency and full privacy. Concepts and Inspiration To create this project I was inspired by 4 concepts: - Letter B: which was already part of the brand and I found it necessary to keep it to facilitate recognition; - Pixel: as it is a digital currency, the pixel is present at all times, becoming fundamental for the brand. - Logical Door AND: for those who know a little bit of technology and circuits, this door is always present in the electronic components that make up the machine where the coin rotates or where it is being mined. - Decentralized: Bitcoin is a pioneer as a decentralized currency, so I was inspired by the decentralization movement to show this original side of the brand. Brand Personality The brand is governed by strong and unique values that represent the brand at all times. These attributes are: - Freedom, Transparency, Privacy, Decentralized, Connected, Exclusive. Other attributes that complement the thinking and purpose of the brand are: - Confidence, Modern, Technological, Worldwide, Original, Disruptive. Hope you like as much as I enjoyed doing it!