Botanist | UI/UX website design and branding

  • Maj Gajšek

After the covid outbreak in 2021, I decided to contribute to the revitalisation of turism by building a website for an emerging cafe called Botanist. The goal was to expose more tourism to a particular part of Ljubljana.

Project Overview

I began by doing a checkup of where the Botanist brand's position is within the marketplace. Curating and designing visual elements for Botanist was a breeze, as it had a solid creative direction that was easy to follow. The created visual elements were later used in the user experience design and development phases of the project.
The look and feel of the brand

Using the information gained from the brand checkup, I created a mood board of images that reflected the brand's core values. Later the images were taken into consideration for creating brand visuals.
Typography & Color palette

Keeping Botanists core values in mind, Eiko and Poppins were chosen as the typographical pairing. Eiko was chosen to add a bit of character and balance out the geometric nature of Poppins. A complementary color pallet was created to help communicate the relaxed and inviting nature of the brand.
User experience design & the interface

I removed all unnecessary information and made the user experience as simple as possible. I added simple content sections and a reservation forum to help the users reserve a table as the bistro is quite small. The interface is elegantly styled, following the interior of the Botanist bistro. Simple wireframes were later adapted into high-fidelity wireframes which were enhanced by previously curated and designed brand visuals.
I started development by making the mobile version first and then adapting the website for wider screens. The mobile-first approach was chosen because most users will encounter the site on their phones first.
The site's front end uses the bootstrap framework, for more advanced site functionalities like the testimonial and scrollable header I wrote some javascript and used jQuery.
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