Proteks | eCommerce website redesign

  • Maj Gajšek

A redesign of the website was a fun project to work on. Together with the owner Katja Novak we began the process of upgrading and redesigning the website.

Project Overview

We started of by creating a rough outline on how the redesign process is going to take place. I defined that the project will be done in three stages. Each stage of the project had specific goals for me and the client, this was done to help keep the project on track. Braking the project up into phases also helped with the client’s revisions as most of them were handled in the prototype stage.
Setting the mood

With the client and Valentin Grudnik a photographer based in Ljubljana Slovenia, we brainstormed about the mood of the brand imagery. Later I defined the color pallet and the typography that will be used on the new upgraded website.
Brand imagery

We wanted to capture engaging photos of the products in a soft and clean lifestyle aesthetic that represents the brand's values. The photos were made in the studio, we used a 50mm lens and Speedlite soft-boxes that provided a soft and even light for the scene. The photography direction was defined with the client before hand, so that Valentin could focus on creating the stunning photos. Working with Valentin was a joy as his clear execution of the photography direction was spot on. Also the models were very helpful and fun to work with, they helped bring the photos to life.

Keeping Proteks core values in mind the Mulish typeface was chosen to display the text on the website. Mulish is a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, designed for both display and text typography. It was initially drawn in 2011 by Vernon Adams.
Color palette

A complementary color pallet was created to help communicate the relaxed and inviting nature of the brand.

I started by creating low fidelity wireframes witch were used to convey the sites functionality to the client. Once we settled on the functionalities new high fidelity wireframes were created to help display the mood of the redesigned website.
User experience & the interface

Due to the client wanting to edit the content on the site, a website builder was chosen. We went with Elementor as it has a simple and friendly interface that the client was already familiar with.
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