BPI - Digital Relaunch

  • Joel Kitzmiller

The BPI is the trade association responsible for representing the interests of the British music industry. Their main goals are to help promote British music, whether through awards shows e.g the Brit Awards and the Mercury Prize or after through copyright interests. The BPI approached us with a desire to redesign their website and as a part of this task, we ended up helping refocus the content strategy, rethinking the site's purpose from the ground up. We helped the BPI realise the potential of their brand by developing a strategy that positioned them more as who they are – the single best music industry resource in Britain.

Brand identity
As an integral part of the BPI's new digital face, we needed to bring continuity back to the brand visuals. What started as a solely digital conversation ended up as almost an entire rebrand for BPI; introducing new typographic and colour systems, which included a set of comprehensive guidelines, rolled out internally across the company.
Responsive Website
We built a cleaner, responsive website on top of a new CMS. Migrating and redesigning old content and creating briefs and deadlines for new content.
Awards Search
We worked through the BPI's enormous back-catalogue of certification data and developed a more accessible experience for the BPI's certified awards; now searchable and filterable by certification, label, format, and release date.