British Red Cross - Continue the story...

  • Megan Egan

The British Red Cross needed a social campaign to raise money at Christmas time, competing with every other festive charity ad. It’s also the creative that will lead them into their 150th year, so it had to be special. Calling the ‘Red Cross’ a logo is doing it an injustice. It’s an emblem. One of the most recognisable in the world. They’ve been there throughout every crisis you can imagine. But they’re never the hero. They want to celebrate the generosity of their donors and volunteers, who’ve helped them be there since 1870. So that’s the story we told. We turned their red line brand asset into a timeline; a graphic device which acts as a constant thread throughout history; connecting the very first story to the very last. It ran through every piece of communication - from videos, to press, to social posts. And hopefully will carry on growing long into the future, through the kindness of the public. Donate now at

We had several double page spreads in The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph.