Dunelm - Dun Your Way

  • Megan Egan

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve never seen a Dunelm advert up till now; they’re a self-proclaimed introverted brand - but they’ve always been here. In fact, they’re one of the largest home retail stores in the country - a true sleeping lion waiting to roar, and we were going to help them. We won the business in the pitch with their new platform: Dun Your Way. It’s all about celebrating self-expression in all it’s forms, encouraging the public to decorate their homes however they want, without judgement. The launch saw a TV spot which featured a dystopian world full of oppressive interior design rules being broken by Dunelm, introducing the bright and colourful world we all want to live in. This was supported with complete 360 assets and a spanking new brand look and feel. Gawjus.