• Megan Egan

You know the jingle and now you’ll know the Moonpiglets: a brand new direction for the UK’s largest online greetings card retailer. It was a small step for their trotters, but a giant leap for Moonpigkind. What a great brief this was - Moonpig wanted a brand asset that could run for decades to come, and after years of shying away from the whole ‘Moonpig’ thing we finally convinced them to lean into their pink, snuffly past; and so, the Moonpiglets were born - each one as unique as the card it represents. We produced an entire year’s worth of creative, introducing a whole gang (or passel, the collective noun for a group of pigs) of adorable characters, while shining a light on even more across ‘This Little Piggy’ radio spots and OOH. This project also produced one of my favourite ever pieces of client feedback: ”It is ESSENTIAL the piglet oinks and steams up the glass of the space helmet!” - Moonpig Client, 2021. Oink bloody oink, I say! (There’s lots more films coming soon, so keep checking back.)