'CELLUSION' 2022 collection ~ { Show notes }

  • Mona Cordes

2022 COLLECTION ‘CELLUSION’ / LONDON FASHION WEEK ~ FASHION DANCE PERFORMANCE   Mona Cordes is a London based Fashion Print designer. She graduated from her Masters at Kingston School of Art in 2020. Her work embodies the physical expressions of multi-colored kaleidoscopic visions. With the help of statements and boldness through colour, print and choice of themes, she is voicing political and ecological messages.  Cordes offers sustainable high end garments, for any gender and calls for community coherence. Cordes work thrives through storytelling using themes of obscurity and rebellion.    Cordes is showcasing her new collection ‘CELLUSION’ based on the theme of bacteria and other micro living organisms and their connections with one another. The name is a composition of cells + cohesion. Each of the looks showcased belongs to one bacteria and is paired with an element in the natural environment which we can see without microscope. ‘CELLUSION’ explores in what ways different bacteria are harmful as well as helpful to humans and the planet. Movements of the performance show how the bacteria move and how social and active they are amongst one another.   Each of the looks has its main character and a sibling to theirs. The 8 main looks are:   ROSEOBACTERIA x PLANKTON CHLOROFLEXI X SEABED LILLIES SAROMA X PTOTOZA MYXOBACTERIA X SLUGS X WORMS CYANOBACTERIA X CORAL PAENIBACCILUS X FUNGHI X MOSS SPONGE DEINOCCUS X GHOST BACTERIA CREATUREMYXOBACTERIA AQUIFICAE X NUDIBRANCHS   Each bacteria type has been picked and paired with an element in the natural environment. ‘It also holds the importance the of cells playing daily. Bacteria are made out of cells and we are too, cells help us grow, live, eat, etc. Bacteria keep the world together. Different bacteria live in different living arrangements - air, soil, water To name a few characteristics - Aquificae is a carbon fixer and good for the environment, Deinoccus is the worlds most powerful bacteria, it eats nuclear waste and Sacoma steals Cyanobacteria’s algae for its own photosynthesis.   ———————————————— monacordes.com | @mona_cordes_    Press/ Sales: monacordes@mail.com Designer + Show Director + Producer + Stylist + Casting | Mona Cordes | @mona_cordes_ Hair | Arisa Yamasaki @aridresser w/ Hikaru Uno @unohikaru + Saya Hashimoto @saya___hashimoto Makeup | Sophie Gouk @mackerelmonday w/ Elaine Lo @elainelomakeup Nails | Ashton Forster @nailartbyashton Set Designer | Mona Cordes @mona_cordes_ / @princess_moona w/ | Juliana Caviedestello @julianacaviedestello + dressing assistance Charlotte Dack @charlottedack_ Filmmaker | Celina Collot | @wht_ver Light | Ben Leggett (Gaffer) @benjoleggett + Atikah Zainidi @atikah___zzz (Spark) + Joe Morgan Hunt @joemorganhunt (Spark) Movement Direction | Becky Namgauds @beckynamgauds Show music | DRIFT (Nathalia Bruno) @driftinsound Dancers + looks | ~ Caterina Danzico @caterinadanzico as / Roseobacteria x plankton ~ Akti Konstantinou @akti_mk as / Paenibaccilus x funghi x moss sponge ~ Emma Spinosi@emma_spii / Saroma x protoza ~ Riley Wolf @rileywxlf as / Cyanobacteria x coral ~ Sanya Malnar @sanyamalnar as / Chloroflexi x seabed lilies ~ Margherita Massarotti @meeeeeeggs as / Deinoccus x ghost bacteria creature ~ Louisa Fernando @louisa.fernando_ as / Myxobacteria x slugs x worms ~ Myana van Cuijlenborg @m_y_a_n_a as as / Aquificae X nudibranchs Collaborators (knitwits) | Lea Asche @ascheegu + Rosie Evans @rosieevansonline + Veronika Snajdrova @felishatequila Fashion Assistants | Tallulah Levoi @tallulahlevoi + Jacob Byrne @jacobabyrne LFW show assistants | Svenja Cordes @svenja_blue + Fran Cavolina @cesca_say + Freja Ye @huifreja + Sakura Sen @a_perfect_messes + Inés Borrego @inesborrego_ + Ainara Porras @saintnara127_