• Sybbie Marquez

Fusing creativity, forward thinking & craftsmanship The Challenge Champneys Health Spa is one of the leading wellness destination spas in not just the UK, but the world. The aim of their website re-launch was to give better support to the continued growth of the business. Website design The responsive website provides users of any device with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore the resorts facilities, city spa locations, treatment options, and wellness retreats, as well as browse and purchase products from the online shop. Champneys Bootcamp A new visual identity was created for Champneys Bootcamp. Its fixed set of word mark, bold typeface and pared-down colour system was used on the microsite as they extended their reputation into a crowded bootcamp sector. Microinteractions A better user experience was provided through the use of simple animations. Immediate feedback to the user and a more fluid presentation of data has encouraged users to explore more pages in a very intuitive way. Results The modern, dynamic website delivers a first class user experience, reinforcing the values of the Champneys brand and performing above expectations, significantly increasing the volume of bookings online, and successfully launching the sale of bundled treatment packages to increase the average order value.