Chance Operations: Dynamic Identity

  • Alexandra Vryoni

A comprehensive dynamic identity for a multidisciplinary workshop for artists. Chance operations are a method of creating art while relying on chance/randomness, and removing your control from the artistic process. The workshop explores various techniques in which chance can be employed, such as generative coding, cut out poetry and prepared instruments, a technique pioneered by composer John Cage, where a musician inserts cutlery and other objects in the strings of a piano before performing. The logo for this project shifts between five different designs and is inspired by the way chance music is written as sheet music. Each line, straight, curved, zig zag, cornered or pixeled symbolizes a different musical action which the performer must execute. The sphere visuals are inspired by one of the most iconic art pieces made with chance, John Baldessari's "Throwing Four Balls in the Air to Get a Square". The rest of the visuals are simply visualizations of the workshop contents, cut out poetry, coding and prepared instruments.